CCM Jetspeed 40 Flex Youth Composite Hockey Stick


CCM Jetspeed 40 Flex Youth Composite Hockey Stick

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  • FLEX RATIO: Designed to offer young players enough bend in the horizontal axis while providing the right rigidity in the vertical axis so they can learn to load their stick efficiently
  • SHAFT: The perfect geometry to help kids learn how to properly hold their stick and help them develop their stickhandling and shooting techniques
  • BLADE: Featuring the new P28 youth blade, the size and depth of the curve allows kids to grab the puck more easily while helping with their shooting technique. The addition of carbon weave also increases the stiffness and strength of the blade
  • GRIP: Full grip to ensure the stick does not turn in their hands in order to get better control at all times
  • FEATURE: Blank name tag for players to write their name and color in their number

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