New for the 2018 season is the CCM JetSpeed Grip Youth Hockey Stick! This stick looks to bridge the gap between having a deadly quick shot release while maintaining maximum shot speed, giving you the ability to score from anywhere in the offensive zone!

One of the new key features of the JetSpeed stick is the shaft geometry. This stick still features the classic rounded corners and double concave sidewalls, but for this iteration, CCM incorporated double convex sidewalls at the top and bottom of the shaft. This updated design fits better in your hand, which in turn, leads to superior control of the puck.

Moving to the construction itself, the CCM JetSpeed Stick features Sigmatex carbon fiber. Thanks to the high-tension weaving process of this material, not only is it lightweight, but very durable as well.

Another new feature of the CCM JetSpeed Stick is CCM’s new hybrid kick-point. Right below the bottom hand, the stick has a soft flex point, immediately followed up by a stiffer “bump” flex point. This is followed by another soft flex point at the bottom third of the shaft. This stiffness “bump” between the two softer flex points creates a hinge-like effect creating greater power and control on your shots. The softer flex points help you to get your shots off your stick faster!

Moving to the blade of the stick, this is another new feature that CCM has incorporated into their JetSpeed stick. They went with their patented Jetstream blade. This blade features multiple interior channels that provide precision and consistency. The blade now features a dampening layer that provides and lightweight and controlled feel.

Thanks to the redesigned stick geometry, the all-new hybrid kick-point, and an improved blade, the JetSpeed Stick is CCM’s most advanced hockey stick to date. If you are looking for an elite-level all-around stick, with a sleek design to boot, look no further than the CCM JetSpeed Grip Youth Hockey Stick!

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