CCM Super Tacks Vector Plus Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick


CCM Super Tacks Vector Plus Intermediate Composite Hockey Stick

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CCM continues to design durable, high-performance hockey sticks in partnership with Source For Sports. The Tacks Vector Plus hockey stick is another example of the excellent quality produced when CCM and Source For Sports team up.

This Source Exclusive hockey stick is based off the CCM Tacks AS2 stick and has upgrades taken from the CCM Super Tacks AS1 without impacting the price. This means incredible value for you.

Based off the CCM Tacks AS2 Stick

The Tacks Vector Plus, like its base model the CCM Tacks AS2 Stick, has an all-in-one flex profile and mid kick point. The resulting two stiffness zones give this stick the perfect balance to load proper power into both your slap shots and wrist shots.

Upgraded with CCM Super Tacks AS1 Elements

The cherry on top has to be a feature upgrade from the impressive CCM Super Tacks AS1 hockey stick. We’ve taken the AS1’s top-notch grip and added it to our Source Exclusive CCM Tacks Vector Pro model for increased control all game long.

With solid improvements at the same price as its base model, the Source Exclusive CCM Tacks Vector Plus hockey stick really does give you the best bang for your buck, and the Best Value In The Game.

Pick one up at your local Source For Sports hockey store today!


  • KICK POINT: MID KICK POINT – The all in-one flex profile, great loading for both wrist shots and slap shots due to its two different stiffness zones.
  • BLADE: A lightweight blade with high torsional and bending stiffness for accurate shooting and passing.
  • GEOMETRY: TRADITIONAL T-GEOMETRY – Our more traditional geometry featuring slightly squarer corners.


  • GRIP: Super Tacks AS1 Grip


PATTERNS: P88, P29, P28

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