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Get a precise fit.

The Cheam Sports Fit Guarantee:  If a skate, shoe or boot doesn’t fit, bring it back within 3 months and we’ll replace it with a better fit.

Suit up your kid the right way with Chilliwack’s hockey gear specialists.

  • Expert advice (40 years in the biz) and friendly customer service
  • Our Fit Guarantee for hockey skates, shoes, ski boots and more
  • Skate sharpening and heat moulding
  • Price matching on anything in the store
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Chilliwack Minor Hockey Supporters

Cheam Sports is dedicated to providing athletes in our hometown with the tools they need to play the game.

The Fit

If a skate, shoe or boot doesn’t fit, bring it back within 3 months and we’ll replace it with a better fit. Read more.

The Price Match Guarantee

We’ll match any price you find online, in-store or in print for sale in B.C. Read more.

Home of Hockeypalooza!

September 7, 2018

The Eastern Fraser Valley’s hockey blowout extravaganza.

Join the Chilliwack Chiefs for Cheam Sports massive pre-season hockey sale. There is so much to sell we’ve decided to have a street party.

  • 50%-75% or sticks, skates and hockey gear
  • Live local bands (that don’t suck)
  • 3-on-3 Sumo Hockey

Chilliwack Athletes Benefit
From Our Hockey Services

Skate Sharpening

  • More speed
  • Better control
  • Greater stopping ability
  • Increased lifespace
  • Balance
  • Performance
  • Turning effectively
  • Safety

Skate Fitting

  • Comfort
  • Performance
  • Better reaction time
  • Stronger propulsion
  • Better focus and concentration (not thinking about discomfort)

With Chilliwack Athletics

As a company founded, owned and operated by residents born and raised in Chilliwack, B.C. Cheam Sports is dedicated to providing athletes in our hometown with the tools they need to play the game.

Hockey In Canada
Is A Way Of Life

Which is why we take selling hockey gear very seriously, especially when it comes to suiting up kids who are new to the game. Getting the proper equipment is the first thing you need to do when taking up hockey.

Because rules are stricter in minor hockey, kids are required to buy more equipment than adults, and they also outgrow them much faster. If your son or daughter is new to the game, consider reading our Hockey Mom’s Guide to Hockey Gear.

Chilliwack Ice Skates


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Chilliwack Hockey Sticks


Chilliwack Hockey Helmets


Custom Hockey Gear

We can outfit your hockey club with custom gear that includes nearly any colour or team logo or graphic. Custom gear also includes:

  • Custom jerseys
  • Custom gloves, helmets and pants
  • Includes team colour and logo
  • Pro weight material

Did You Know?

In hockey’s early day, a frozen cow pie was used as a puck, remnants of this early practice exist today—hockey pucks are frozen before each game to prevent bouncing.

Quick Gear Guide
For Hockey Moms

Sticks – Does your kid shoot left or right? How tall are they and how much do they weigh?

Helmets – Is the helmet too big (or too small)? Is the expiration date on the back recent? Is the cage you bought the right size for the helmet?

Shin Pads – Does the knee sit in the knee pad? Does your child wear the pad over or under the tongue?

Elbow Pads – Does the pad cup the elbow snuggly? Is the pad long enough to reach the glove (but not past) when the glove is on?

Gloves – Are fingers close to the end of the glove (no more than 1cm)? What is your child’s preference (remember, they need to be comfortable; otherwise they will be miserable).

Shoulder Pads – Does the shoulder pad cup both shoulders? Does the bottom padding touch or cover the belly button?

Pants – Are the pants too long (past the top of the knee is too long)? Is the waist snug, but not too tight?

Neck Guards – Did you know the neck guard is for stopping blades from cutting, now from the impact of pucks? Is the guard too tight?

Jocks/Jills – Is the size right for the age? Do they fit comfortably inside the compression shorts?

Skates – Does the skate fit? Did you check the size of the skate both standing up and sitting down? Has the skate been sharpened to the right profile?

To find out the answers to all these questions and more, check out our Complete Hockey Moms Guide to Buying Gear.

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