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All of our services are provided for any product you have,
whether or not you bought it from Cheam Sports.

Simply drop off your gear and we'll take it from there.

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Properly mounted bindings and boots that are precisely fitted to you means:
  • Your body doesn’t hate you (no back or hip pain!)
  • You can ski or snowboard comfortably (less wipeouts!)

You’re in need of mounting and/or boot fitting if you:
  • Feel pain in your hips or back
  • Just bought a new snowboard or pair of skis
  • Feel like your performance is suffering

Boots Custom Fit To Your Foot Is The Difference Between Heaven & Hell

Pro-Mounting Ski Bindings. Craftsman + Scientist = Slope Magic

Do You Know

What A Jig Is?

To ensure that bindings are drilled into the exact right spot of your ski, we use a special jig.

Each brand of binding needs a specific jig, and both things change (design-wise) often. And the kicker? Jigs can cost $600 or more.

It’s a little complex, which is why Geoff from Cheam Sports does an online course EVERY year for all binding companies. No one else touches your bindings or boots – only Geoff, and for good reason.

Ski Adjustments

Your skis and their bindings are in excellent shape, but you bought new boots. 

Adjusting your bindings to new boots ensures safety.

Here’s how Geoff’s process works:

Step 1: he makes sure the toe of your boot fits in the toe of the binding. There’s a small connection that clicks in the back when the fit is right.

Step 2: he checks your boot height and adjusts (if necessary) near the toe to make sure you can actually release out of your ski. You don’t want to be stuck attached to your skis if a wipeout happens.

Step 3: he sets your DIN, which is the pressure of the binding. This affects how easy you can detach from your skis.

Having this set wrong means your keep popping out OR you can’t detach during a nasty wipeout.

We have a DIN chart (updated yearly) that tells Geoff what DIN to give a person depending on their weight, height, and age.

Ski Mounting

First, Geoff ensures your boots are sized properly to the correct jig. 

Then the jig is carefully placed on your ski, and Geoff uses a drill bit to bolt your bindings down.

It’s a quick process but easily botched if someone inexperienced does it.

Ski Remounting

You must get your skis remounted if you bought them used.

Why? Well, the current bindings are fitted to the old owner’s size, not yours!

Remounting follows the same process as regular mounting, except the jig has to line up on the ski without using the holes from the old bindings

Snowboard Mounting

Snowboards come with pre-drilled holes that need to be set up to your preferences, such as:

  • Are you left or right foot forward?
  • Are you center-mounted to the board or offset to the back (which is better for deeper snow)?
  • Do you like a wide or narrow stance? Or a duck stance (front foot angled one way, back foot angled the other)?

Once the bindings are mounted the way you like, Geoff adjusts them so the highbacks (the rear pieces of your bindings) don’t dig into your calves and cause you pain.

Avoid These 5 Problems

By Getting Precise Boot Fitting

This service is self-explanatory – we fit your boots to your feet!

Here are 5 common problems we’ve come across, and our solutions to each one:

So You Bought New Boots & Have To Break Them In

We all know the pain of wearing stiff, unyielding boots.
Ugh. Blisters.

We all know the pain of wearing stiff, unyielding boots. Ugh. Blisters.

While the heat of your foot breaks in your boot while you ride, it’s nicer to soften the liner before you hit the slopes.

This is not something we recommend you do on your own, unless you have the right tools (burton boot heater, convection oven for boots, and a punch press) and the know-how to use them. Because if you don’t have the proper training, you might melt or warp your boots, which cancels any warranty you have.

Good news, though. We have all of the right tools and the training on how to use them.