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Blade Contouring

ProSharp Quad Profiling

100% of players on the Chilliwack Chiefs get their blades contoured at Cheam Sports

If you didn’t get your skates from us and you’re curious about what kind of profile you have, bring your skates in and we’ll check them for you.

The front of the blade has a smaller radius to promote quick steps during acceleration. The next section is optimized for mobility. The middle of the blade has a slightly longer radius for speed and glide. The back of the blade has a larger radius for stability.


Skate Contouring Quad Profile Acceleration

The body needs to lean forward to gain momentum.  Your centre of mass is in the front part of the blade.  A short radius allows quicker distribution of weight to accelerate.


Chilliwack Skate Contouring

Changing direction, performing cross-overs, or pivoting backwards are key areas for being agile.  Your centre of mass is just behind the acceleration point.


Skate Contouring Quad Profile

A deep knee bend is needed to improve stride length.  Your centre of mass is in the middle of the blade.  A longer radius supports weight transfer to generate explosive power.


Body control is at a premium during physical play, turning and shooting.  Your centre of mass is in the back of the blade.  A longer radius gives improved stability when transferring weight properly.