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Expert Skate Sharpening

Cheam Sports is trusted by the Chilliwack Chiefs and uses the cutting-edge Blademaster and Blackstone machines to create a custom hollow and profile for more speed, better power, and sustained manoeuvrability while you’re out on the ice.

How a skate is sharpened plays a significant role in determining a players speed and control while skating.

The Cheam Sports Skate Sharpening Process

Skate Sharpening FAQ's

Skate sharpening is the process of grinding metal off a skate blade with the aid of a machine to create a “hollow” on the bottom of the skate blade.

Most people don’t know that one skate blade is comprised of two edges, the sharpness of which depends on the radius or depth of the hollow.

Sharpened skates allow the skater to push-off, turn and stop properly.

Skate sharpening is part art and part science. Geoff and Brian have a combined 50 years experience sharpening blades.

They’ll consult with you before they cut to make sure you get the right hollow for your style and experience and level of play.

Yes, younger players tend to need a deeper hollow for better “bite” on the ice.

Deeper hollows are great for beginner skaters.

More advanced skaters and NHLers tend to prefer shallow hollows for better “glide.”

Experienced skaters learn to use their edges more efficiently and try to avoid the friction inherent in deeper hollows.

The hollow refers to the depth of metal that is cut out of the centre of the blade by the machine. This action of hollowing produces two distinct edges that help you push off, turn and stop on the ice. It’s critical that those edges are even.

What is the "Hollow"?

The bottom of the skate is not a square with two 90-degree edges.
If you look down the bottom of a skate blade it is actually hollowed out into a semi-circle.
The degree to which the blade is ground out by the sharpening stone is called the “hollow.”
The edges need to be consistently of even height, otherwise cornering and skating strides can be compromised.
There are 5 basic sharpening options – each is best suited for a specific skill level and position of the player. 3/8″ is the deepest hollow and is best suited for beginners (it has more bite) while 5/8″ is shallower and is great for speed and better glide.

Create Opportunities On The Ice

Precision skate-sharpening at Cheam Sports is one of our primary sources of pride.

Only Geoff, Brian and a handful of others are trained as exert skate sharpeners.

Get your skates sharpened at Cheam Sports and we guarantee the following:

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