We’re Cheam Sports.

The Owners

Co-owner Geoff Ames has been wandering around Cheam Sports his entire life. His father Bob Ames purchased the store in 1973, and he’s been sizing Chilliwack athletes up ever since. Around town, he is known for his encyclopedic knowledge of talcum powder.

Co-owner Brian Gillespie first started coming into the store somewhere around the mid-’80s. Since he was there all the time, they just gave him a job. Brian once mysteriously disappeared and re-emerged three years later having acquired skate sharpening skills unparalleled in Canada. Brian has a wife and a son whom he loves almost as much as he loves ketchup chips.

The Team

Jenny Dyck

Craig Burt

Megan Muir

Taylor McDonald


Zach Muir

Kaylea Burt

Gerrit Lindhout

Gavin Michaud

Connor Dykstra

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