Cheam Source for Sports Video Series

Inaugural Turkey & Skate Drop

Ted Knopple provides a live on-the-spot report for the annual Cheam Sports turkey and skate drop, a-la- Less Nessman.

Brian Irvine Captures Patrick Stephan

Brian Irvine, and his crack team of experts track, neutralize, and rehabilitate former Big League hockey players.

SAXX-y Spring Training – 2019

Presenting Spring Training and a very SAXX-y tip to keep your ball and bat where they should be.

Sit back, relax and get your popcorn! Watch how a Baseball training session destroys our heroes’ souls – it will take a miracle to make them pitch and catch like the pros! This is a tale of tragedy and heartbreak and how one nifty idea changed lives forever.

The Show – Episode #1

The adventures of two ham-handed business partners as they navigate the burgeoning field of online review shows. In this episode, Geoff tests the impenetrability of a phone book.

The Show – Episode #2

The Show – Episode #3

The Show – Episode #3

Bryan Lawton’s 98 Uses of Talc – #09 – Talc Currency

Somewhere in the shadows of Mt. Cheam, deep amongst the crags of the Northern Cascades, there is said to be found an elixir so powerful that it will grant the partaker eternal life, can cure all diseases and will stop a 120 km/h clapper from inside the blue.

Bryan Lawton’s 98 Uses of Talc – #76 – Post Shower Softness

Bryan Lawton’s 98 Uses of Talc – #28 – Bribery

Bryan Lawton’s 98 Uses of Talc – #29 – Salad Dression

Bryan Lawton’s 98 Uses of Talc – #47 – Coffee Creamer